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Shining in the Spotlight


Born on July 29, 2003, TEZZ emerged from the heart of Georgia - a true southern talent with a fire burning brighter than the Georgia sun. At just 20 years old, TEZZ is already a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

The Multifaceted Artist

Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, and Engineer: TEZZ wears many hats, each one adding depth to his musical journey. His lyrics flow like the Chattahoochee River, weaving tales of struggle, love, and the raw essence of life in the South. As a songwriter, he pens stories that resonate with the soul. 

Engineering the Sound: Behind the scenes, TEZZ dons his engineer cap. He tweaks knobs, fine-tunes beats, and molds soundscapes that transport listeners to humid nights on front porches, where blues and hip-hop collide.

The Visionary Explorer

TEZZ isn't content with the familiar. His musical compass points beyond the magnolia trees. He explores uncharted territories. Tezz's sound is a fusion- an influence simmering under the Georgia sun. Tezz's vision extends beyond the state lines. He dreams of stages in Tokyo, Parisian rooftops, and New York City subways. 

Closing Notes

Tezz isn't just an artist; he's a musical explorer. Connect with TEZZ on X, Instagram, Spotify, and Tik Toc and let the music carry you home. 


Performed by WNN

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